Finanical Services Provided by TWC

With more than 30 years of association management experience, our company has a developed financial and accounting system that provides our clients with comprehensive and timely financial statements. We look forward to working with the Board Members to provide associations with long-term financial planning, assisting in projecting major capital projects and ensuring the necessary funding.

  • Maintain individual association account records and post payments on a daily basis.
  • Manage separate accounts for each homeowner.
  • Assist in preparing an annual draft budget for operations, including a review of the reserve-funding schedule.
  • Provide assessment coupon booklets or electronic debit systems.
  • Collect assessments and make daily deposits of general, special and other assessments.
  • Provide bank account reconciliation and balances.
  • Send delinquency notices and make all necessary efforts to collect past-due accounts from owners, as described by governing documents and Board of Directors’ policies.
  • Respond to inquiries regarding account status, fees, and all related financial matters.
  • Maintain collections and delinquency reports.
  • Produce easy to read financial reports on an accrual basis, and aid Board members who are not accustomed to reading such reports.
  • Work closely with the Association’s CPA and attorney on financial matters and assist the CPA in their performance of the annual audit and preparation of tax forms.
  • Aid the Board in ensuring that all reserves and investment programs are properly administered and monitored.
  • Process payroll and assist in administering personnel benefits.
  • Establish and maintain checking and reserve bank accounts, as well as investment portfolios.
  • Pay all bills and any other financial obligations of the Association on a weekly basis with a procedure and specifications approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Update vendor files annually. Reconcile, generate, and mail annual 1099’s to required vendors.
  • Execute any CD investments, renewals, or transfers as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Contract with a professional Reserve Study preparer once every 5 years as required by law or as directed by the Board of Directors to ensure the Association had an updated Reserve Study. Review Reserve Study annually to plan for upcoming projects.


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